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    1.We Focus on the technology of Organic Synthesis since 2008.
    2.API/Pharmaceutical intermediate/Fine chemical/New material/Extraction etc.
    3.Chemical reagent: Over 300,000 categories in stock, achieve your R&D goal rapidly.
    4.Customization/Technology support/R&D assistance/CRO/CMO/ODM.
    5.We have the complete ISO system to make your purchasing risk into the lowest.
    We announce:
    We make a living with Chemical science, we don't do anything shame chemistry!
    1.None Fake goods/False certificate/lie/illegal thing in our sales net!
    2.We are the Pharmaceutical/chemical R&D company, we don't manufacture pill, capsule, medicine, vial, ampoule, tablet, drugs
  • Process Capability :   We have 950㎡, 3000㎡(under construction) R&D center, 5 Non-GMP manufacturing sites, which covers an area of 179,000 square meters. Our Skilled technology below, Reaction: Suzuki, Grignard reaction, Baeyer----Villiger, Beckmann, Knoevenagel, Mannich, Claisen, Schiemann, Gattermann-Koch, Hinsberg, Skraup etc. Purifying: High vacuum distillation, Recrystallization, Single solvent method, Continuous flow etc.
    After-sale Service :   1.For every inquiry, our sales will provide the one-for-one service for you. In addition, our sales will always serve for you for the whole business process. 2.We have the complete ISO system to make your purchasing risk into the lowest.

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